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KWINK Public Sector Consultancy Services

KWINK provides public sector consultancy services. Our consultants have served clients in The Netherlands and abroad on various themes in different sectors:

  • We have performed a number of leading evaluation studies, such as the evaluations of the Public Procurement Directive (2014), the innovative ‘Green Deal’ approach (2013), and the Netherlands Competition authority (2010). We use qualitative research methods (interviews, questionnaires) as well as desk study and quantitative research methods.
  • We performed audits and supported authorities in subsidy awarding processes, like the subsidies for performing arts (2013) and the awarding process of the 2.3 billion grant for Dutch Civil Society Organisations (MFSII – 2011).
  • We have executed international benchmarks on the regulation of Food Safety (2013) and Consumer Protection (2012).
  • We specialize in the development of performance indicators and incentives. KWINK helped numerous municipalities, regulators, and NGOs with measuring what really matters, aligning their objectives, and creating structures that reward behaviour that advances the organization’s goals.
  • We advise authorities on safety and security. We have developed a European handbook of best practices in High Speed Rail security and have performed risk analyses of critical infrastructure (gas, electricity).
  • We facilitate strategy development processes, such as the process towards the new strategy of the European Cooperation in the field of legal metrology (WELMEC – 2014). KWINK also structured the development of the Dutch joined efforts to reduce overweight (2012). We also regularly advise international authorities and regulators how to cooperate with state-own companies and vice versa.

Our specialties

Monitoring and evaluation, performance measurement, inspection and enforcement, regulated industries, innovation, safety and security, subsidies, citizen involvement.

The sectors we work in

Mobility and transport, culture, IT, energy, education, health, international development.


KWINK considers collaboration with other consultancy firms or individual experts to be interesting and enriching. We believe that the combination of different backgrounds adds value to our market approach.

We have already worked with leading institutions such as Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, RebelGroup, Regulaid and Ecorys as well as with numerous freelancers. In addition to collaboration in projects, we also enjoy teaming up for the development of our products. Depending on the project, our role and responsibility differs from lead partner to sub-contractor or expert.

Are you interested in collaborating with KWINK groep? Whether it concerns a specific project or merely a generic interest, please feel free to us.



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Over KWINK groep

Adviesbureau voor maatschappelijke vraagstukken. We ontwikkelen beleid en voeren het uit. We evalueren wetgeving, beleid en organisaties en zijn sterk in het begeleiden van resultaat- en effectmeting. Dat doen we met enthousiasme. Wij zijn leergierig, inlevend en durven te confronteren.

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